Accessibility Compliance Center & Education Support Services

ACCESS (Disability Services)

The Accessibility Compliance Center & Education Support Services (ACCESS) program is designed to provide accommodations and services to students with a documented disability diagnosed by a qualified, licensed professional as required by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (PL 93-112). 

Students with disabilities are supported through ACCESS with accommodations and services including, but not limited to: sign language interpreters, note takers, alternative testing arrangements, specialized equipment and tutoring.

To arrange for an accommodations review, a student must make an appointment with the ACCESS office for an intake interview.  Documentation regarding the student's disability should be presented at that time.

NOTE: Accommodations are assigned on a case-by-case basis, and that OCC does not provide personal assistants.

ACCESS offices are located on every campus. For more information:                          

 Contact Us

Hearing Impaired

For the hearing impaired, please use Michigan Relay at (800) 649-3777.

Online Courses

Students enrolled in online courses who are unable to come to campus may confidentially exchange information with the ACCESS Office through an OCC email account or by phone. 

Students who enroll in online courses are responsible for obtaining technology that will allow them to access the online learning management system and resources. 

D2L, the online learning management system used by OCC, has a number of built-in accommodations for timed tests, assignments, and online forums.

Contact the ACCESS office for information about electronic and audio versions of textbooks and supplementary materials.  

Students with disabilities enrolled in online courses interested in online ACCESS tutoring should contact the ACCESS Office.