Oakland Community College
Association of Retired Personnel


This year Oakland Community College celebrates a particularly memorable milestone - the 50th anniversary
of OCC's opening semester.

Happily, some of the faculty and staff who were part of the College that first year are still with us, including Board of Trustees Charter Chair George Mosher. But no matter when you joined the College, or when you retired, I am sure that your years at OCC, and the memories associated with them are major strands in the tapestry of you and your family's life.

Of course, one of the best ways to keep these memories bright is by joining, or renewing your connection with, the OCC Association of Retired Personnel. Not only does membership enable you to keep in touch with old friends and colleagues, it gives you and yours access to the wide variety of enjoyable and worthwhile activities presented by OCCARP throughout the year, and listed elsewhere in this book.

Beyond this, membership will keep you current on new developments at the College, which has played so central a
role in all of our lives, as well as the lives of so many others.

Speaking on behalf of my OCCARP Board colleagues, I extend best wishes to all OCC retirees and their families during this significant anniversary year.


With best regards,

Bob Zemke
OCCARP Board Chair