Oakland Community College
Auburn Hills Campus

Welcome to the Academic Support Center at Auburn Hills!

The Academic Support Center (ASC) is a comprehensive learning center that offers free instructional support for all registered OCC students and, for a minimal charge, to members of the community sixteen or older.  Students wishing to expand learning opportunities in their classes as well as those experiencing difficulty in their course work may receive assistance in the ASC.


The Auburn Hills Academic Support Center is located in G-150 and B-111. We offer free tutoring to OCC students in many subject areas.  We have several self-guided study programs in reading, English, mathematics and science available. In addition, the ASC offers seminars on a wide variety of study skills topics including Test Taking Strategies, Note Taking Strategies, Time Management, Critical Thinking, and many others.   Check out our current tutoring and seminar schedule.

                                                             Winter 2015 

                                                         MID-WINTER BREAK!!!!

                                                       Academic Support Center

                                                              Math/Science Lab

                                                                   Room G-150

                                                   March 2, 2015- March 7, 2015

                                                     Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm

                                                          Friday 10:30am-4:30pm



Seminar Schedules!