Take-Home Programs

The Academic Support Center at Auburn Hills offers several "Take-Home" programs that are designed to help students increase their study and academic skills.  These programs are 'courses' that take about 10 hours to complete over a two week period.  Call 248-232-4435 to set up an appointment with our faculty. 

The programs currently available are:

how to study in college


Study Skills

This program help gives students learning strategies and study skills in several areas including time management, test-taking, note-taking, textbook reading, and memory.  


VocabularyVocab energizers

Students using the program will learn the definitions and how to use 100 new words.


How to Study Science

What makes learning science different?  How can I achieve a higher grade in my science class?  This program gives students strategies needed to conquer science!


Defeating Math Anxietymath anxiety

Are you looking for ways to get rid of your fear of math?  Defeating Math Anxiety will give you strategies to help you overcome your fear of math.


Winning at Math

winning at mat

This program gives students practical strategies that can be immediately applied.  Topics include note-taking, test-taking, and anxiety in mathematics.