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MTELP Testing

What is the MTELP?

The MTELP, or Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency, is a language certificate measuring a students English ability as a second or foreign language. Its primary purpose is to access a learner's English language ability at an academic or advanced business level.  The test structure is similar to other Michigan Proficiency exams in that it is in a multiple choice format. The MTELP consists of grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension sections.

How long does the MTELP test last?

  • The test lasts 90 minutes and there are 100 questions.
  • The grammar, vocabulary and reading (GVR) consists of the following:
    • 40 conversational grammar items
    • 40 vocabulary items
    • 20 reading comprehension items
  • The reading comprehension section contains 4 texts of between 400 and 600 words with 5 multiple choice questions each.

Who should take the test?

MTELP Sample Questions

MTELP Test Schedule

Special Instructions:

  • An admissions application must be submitted and processed prior to testing.
  • Driver's license, passport or picture I.D. must be presented 15-30 minutes prior to starting times.
  • An appointment must be made for this test.  Space for testing is limited to (10) ten!  
  • Spaces will be granted on a "First-come, first-served" basis.
  • Arrive 15-30 minutes early. 
  • Testing begins promptly at indicated time. 
  • Test can last approximately 2.5 hours if a writing sample is required.

Call 248-942-3035 to verify times and test availability