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Learning Strategy Documents that you can use in your sessions!

SQ3R This handout explains the SQ3R reading process.

Reading in Science  Here are some tips and strategies for reading in the sciences.

SI ReflectionThis handout contains self reflective questions that will help you plan productive sessions

Learning Styles    Here are a few surveys on learning styles, the brain, and study strategies. 

Reading in Math    Here are some tips for reading in mathematics.

Success in Math    This handout shares tips on how to be a more successful math student.

Cornell NoteTaking    Here is a description of the Cornell Note-Taking strategy.

Cornell Form    Here is a blank Cornell note-taking form that you can share with your students

3 Column Notes    This is the form for 3-column note taking often used in mathematics pre-reading.

Test Taking Errors    This describes 6 different types of test taking errors students can make with strategies.

Test Strategies    Here are some strategies from a PowerPoint presentation on Test-Taking strategies.

Success in School    Why people succeed in school

Taking Good Notes    Taking good notes

Shyness    Overcoming Shyness

Communication    Effective communication assertiveness techniques

Test Anxiety    Reduce Test Anxiety

Taking Tests    Test taking tips

Procrastination    Stopping procrastination

Procrastination 2    Consequences of procrastination

Reading Effectively     Reading effectively part 1

Reading part 2    Reading effectively continued

Test Strategies    Test taking strategies part 1

Test Strategies 2    Test taking strategies part 2

Study tips    Study suggestions

Good Habits    Developing good learning habits

Attitudes    Attitudes for success

Student Behaviors    Successful student behaviors

Critical Thinking    Be a good thinker!

Bloom's Taxonomy    Bloom's taxonomy of learning

UTA SI site    This is the University of Texas at Austin SI site page.  It has a wealth of information!