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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Blended Site?

A blended site consists of multiple sections (rosters) merged into one course site in D2L.


One course to manage content.


May be difficult to manage pedagogically. Can be more difficult to communicate with a larger group of students.

Where do I find the Registration Code?

Your registration code is listed on your course roster in Online Services. It is the number in parenthesis after your course section number.

Why wouldn't I receive my course site within 7 business days?

  1. Not assigned to the section in Colleague.

    Do not submit this form until you have been assigned the course section in Colleague.

    • Contact your department chair if you do not see the course roster in your Online Services profile as it is likely you have not yet been assigned.
    • Have your department chair provide written authorization if you are to be provided another instructor's roster.

  2. Incorrect information.

    Most importantly provide the reg code/synonym and e-mail address. By not providing correct and up-to-date information may result in significant delays.

One Request Per Blended Course Site

Instructors should only submit one blend request per blended course site.

If an instructor wants to combine four separate sections into a blended course site, they would fill out the form as normal, taking care to include all the sections in the Blended Course Info text box.

Contact tltc@oaklandcc.edu if you need assistance with submitting this form.

OCC Faculty - D2L Blended Course Site Request

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You will receive a confirmation e-mail to your OCC email address when your requested course site is complete.

An asterisk  (*) denotes required information.

NOTE: Courses from different semesters can NOT be blended together.  If you want to use content from another semester, please use the copy content document for assistance.

Contact Info
First Name*
Last Name *
Phone Number *
OCC User Name * @oaklandcc.edu

Site creation confirmations will be sent to your OCC email address.

Semester Info

Please select the semester for the blended course site.

Blended Course Info

Add all course sections for your blend in the text box below. Please provide the Section Name, Section Number and Registration Code for each section to be combined into a single blended course site.  

Comments and Notes

IMPORTANT: Due to the Winter Break, D2L blended course site requests submitted after 4:30 pm, December 18, 2014, will be processed on January 5, 2015.