Oakland Community College



* Apprentice Release of Information

Each apprentice is required to complete and sign this form in order so that grades and attendance can be shared with the sponsor. 

* Apprenticeship Authorization to Bill

All sponsoring apprenticeship companies must fill out, sign and return every semester.  Each semester companies that sponsor apprenticeships must complete and sign this form and return it to the Apprentice department.  EVERY SEMESTER.

The Direct Bill process is implemented with a signature on the “Authorization to bill” form.    If the company agrees to be responsible for tuition costs the college will invoice the company 6 weeks AFTER the class begins and will charge the current in-district rate of 82.00 per credit hour.  The company can then collect tuition from their apprentices through payroll deduction or whatever method is agreed upon internally.  If the company chooses not to authorize payment the apprentice will be charged tuition based upon their personal address-if that is outside of Oakland County the current rate is 154.00 per credit hour.  Additionally with “direct bill” a “hold” will automatically be placed on their classes preventing de-registration for non-payment as “It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that payment is received in full on or before the payment due date”

* OJL Tracking Form

The sponsor gives the apprentice a supply, the apprentice fills in the numbers and turns them in every week or two whatever is agreed upon.  A supervisor signs it at the bottom validating the hours for that period.