Oakland Community College

Sports History

 A Brief History of Raider Athletic Achievement

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  • President's Council approves athletics program
  • The Auburn Hills Campus fielded teams in men's cross country, men's basketball, men's swimming, men's golf and men's tennis. 
  • The Highland Lakes Campus fielded teams in men's cross country, men's basketball, men's golf and men's tennis  
  • The first intercollegiate athletic contest was in September, a cross country meet between the Auburn Hills and Highland Lakes Campus – won by Highland Lakes
  • The Highland Lakes team won the Region XII cross country title


  • July, both OCC campuses were accepted into the Michigan Community and Junior College Athletic Conference (MCJCAC)
  • Both campuses dropped men’s tennis


  • Orchard Ridge Campus joined MCJCAC with athletic teams in men's cross country, men's basketball and men's golf
  • March, Orchard Ridge Campus first athletic event was a cross country meet with the other two campuses


  • June, baseball was added to all three campuses bringing Highland Lakes to four sports, Auburn Hills to five and Orchard Ridge to four sports
  • Orchard Ridge officially became a member of the MCJCAC and was placed in the Central Division, while Highland Lakes and Auburn Hills were placed in the Eastern Division. 
  • February 6th, the Athletic-Intramural Council approved wrestling as a fifth sport at the Highland Lakes Campus


  • Highland Lakes cross country team won the MCJCAC Championship for the first time, starting a streak of 11 consecutive Eastern Conference Championships


  • Highland Lakes basketball team won the MCJCAC Championship, along with the Eastern Conference Title.  
  • Ice hockey was approved as a fifth sport at the Orchard Ridge Campus 


  • Orchard Ridge golf team won the NJCAA Region XII Golf Meet for the first time and finished 10th at the NJCAA National Meet 
  • MCJCAC changes its name to the Michigan Community College Athletic Association (MCCAA)


  • Orchard Ridge ice hockey team won the Midwest College Hockey Association Championship in its first year of competition
  • Orchard Ridge golf team won its second straight Region XII Title and extended its dual meet winning streak to 54 matches 
  • Budget restraints force each campus to cut one sport.  Auburn Hills dropped golf, Highland Lakes dropped wrestling and Orchard Ridge dropped hockey  
  • College petitioned the MCCAA for probationary status for one year because all three campuses were below the five sport minimum


  • Sherry Spencer became the first OCC woman to score points at the NJCAA National Swimming Meet
  • May, tennis became the first co-ed varsity sport, when the Highland Lakes tennis team competed in the Eastern Conference.  The six women and five man team finished 4-5
  • June, the Orchard Ridge golf team won its third consecutive Region XII Title
  • July, the OCC Board of Trustees approved a reorganization of the athletic program.  Due to budget restrictions the College adopted a college-wide athletic program, which is still in effect today.  The nine sports under the new plan were: men's cross country, women's volleyball, men's basketball, ice hockey, swimming, men's bowling, baseball, golf and tennis. 


  • March, the men's bowling team won the MCCAA Title in their first season of competition
  • May, the men's baseball team won the MCCAA Title for the first time in school history
  • July, OCC added women's bowling and women's tennis to the list of sports


  • January, OCC President, Dr. Joseph E. Hill, announced that Auburn Hills and Highland Lakes Campus would each build gymnasiums and that Orchard Ridge will build a gymnasium and a pool
  • March, the women's bowling team won the state title in their first season
  • May, the OCC golf team won the Region XII Title with a record low total of 600 for 26 holes
  • June, the college won the MCCAA All-Sports Trophy for the first time
  • Hockey was dropped as a sport by the college
  • Women's softball was added


  • March, OCC won its first state championship in men's basketball
  • June, men's and women's bowling were dropped as sports and women's basketball was added, leaving OCC with 11 sports
  • May, Judi Stiff won the Region XII Women's Tennis Individual Title for OCC


  • June, the Oakland Community College cross country team was honored as being the number one academic team in the nation


  • May, OCC added men's soccer (club), women's cross country, and reintroduced men's and women's bowling
  • November, the women's cross country team, in it's first year of competition, finished ninth at the NJCAA National Meet


  • May, OCC dropped women's volleyball and elevated men's soccer to varsity status
  • The soccer team tied for the MCCAA Title in it's first and only varsity season
  • Lisa Cockerill became the second women's tennis player to win the Region XII Individual Title
  • Due to budget cuts, OCC dropped the following sports: men's and women's bowling, men's and women's swimming, men's soccer and men's tennis


  • May, women's softball team won the Eastern Conference Title for the first time in school history
  • Golf team won the Region XII Title


  • May, baseball was dropped as a sport and men's tennis was added in it's place


  • March, basketball team finished third at the first ever NJCAA Division II National Tournament


  • Men’s basketball won conference title
  • Men’s basketball won regional title
  • March, men's basketball team won the NJCAA Division II Basketball Title, the first national title won by an OCC team
  • Raider Carson Butler named MVP of the National Tournament


  • Fall, women's volleyball is added
  • OCC finished fourth in the All-Sports trophy race


  • OCC did not field a men's or women's tennis team 


  • Men’s and women’s tennis resumed play


  • July, Pin Ryan, the first and only Athletic Director announces his retirement
  • Steve Ogg is named Athletic Director


  • Summer, Don Roehl replaces Steve Ogg as Athletic Director
  • November, Tod Hess is named Sports Information Director.  While OCC, has had SID's in the past, Hess travels with all teams and does stats and press releases for teams


  • May, OCC drops men's tennis and adds men's soccer as a club sport
  • September, Don Roehl steps down and Bernie Little is named Athletic Director
  • OCC has two All-Americans, Kelly Rose is named second team All-American for her record setting year in softball, while Corey Meehan earns first team All-American Honors in cross-country


  • Golfer Pete Clinton finishes in the top five at the Division II Nationals to earn first team All-American Honors


  • Paula Wesa becomes the second OCC women's basketball player to be named All-American.  Wesa earned 2nd team All-American status averaging 20 points and 12 rebounds per game


  • Shelly Vickery, becomes the first OCC woman to ever earn All-American honors in track and field


  • The softball team won its 13th MCCAA Eastern Conference Title and the won its first District Title to qualify for the National Tournament.  This was the first time in school history that softball has qualified for Nationals
  • The Lady Raiders go 2-2 and tie for 5th place in the nation
  • Toni Salo earns 2nd Team All-American Honors, becoming the forth softball player ever to earn such honors
  • Volleyball coach Mike Lindstrom passed away.  Lindstrom had the most wins and coached more years than any volleyball coach in OCC history
  • Former NBA, Michigan and Pontiac Central High School standout Campy Russell was named coach of the men's basketball team. Russell was an All-Star with the Cleveland Cavaliers






  • OCC received the Charlie Chanter All-Sports Award for having the most overall accumulated points between all the sports programs in that current season. OCC had not won this award since 1976.
  • NJCAA All-Americans included: Kelly Noren (Half Marathon, Indoor/Outdoor track), Tabytha Harvey (1st Team Women's Basketball), Kevin Grayer (3rd Team Men's Basketball), Tony Sanfilippo (Half Marathon, Indoor Track), Jim Uelmen (Men's Golf)
  • Coach of the Year Achievement: Bryan Lindstrom (Volleyball Eastern Conference Co-Coach of the Year), Antoine Joubert (Men's Basketball Eastern Conference Coach of the Year), Jamie Seaman (Softball Eastern Conference Coach of the Year)
  • Men's and Women's Cross Country teams finish 16th in the nation.
  • Men's Golf finished 13th in the nation.
  • Men's Basketball finished 10th in the nation.