Oakland Community College

OCC Student Academic Achievements

The Oakland Community College Athletic Department commends the dedication, hard work and passion of our student athletes.  Their successful pursuit of higher education, athletic achievement and personal growth is exactly why we have chosen these young men and women to represent the college. 

Congratulations to the Academic Athlete of the Year:

Alyssa Pukey - Women's Softball

Rebekah Brandel - Women's Volleyball

Student-Athlete Academic Honor Roll for 2013-14 Season

NJCAA Academic Student-Athlete Awards

NJCAA Pinnacle Award for Academic Excellence: (4.0, 45 credits)

NJCAA Superior Academic Achievement: (3.8 – 3.99, 45 credits)

NJCAA Exemplary Academic Achievement: (3.6 – 3.79, 45 credits)

Alyssa Pukey     Alex Powell

Academic All-Conference
(3.60 GPA with 36 credit hours)

Kaitlin Mault     Alec Smith     Chibunna Ukanda     Nathan Stepney

Academic All-MCCAA (3.20 GPA with 36 credit hours)

Ellesa Smith            Spencer Stokes            Matthew DeGraeve

Takesha Clark        Megan Jerore                Alyssa Pukey

Dawn Kramer           Alexis Powell                Kimberly Jayson

Academic All-Raider (3.00 GPA with 24credit hours)

Mikaela Beck        Rebekah Brandel            Maley Brown

Miranda Fuerst            Brittany Guldan            Mike Gaulin

Marc Hebert            Ed (Austin) Sereno            Jocelynn Venema

Haley Klein            Aryana  Nacker            Katherine Nelson

Kimberly Jayson            Alexis Powell            Celeste Hillier

Karly Knapp            Abbigayle Kline            Hannah Messer