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Raiders Store Terms of Services

  • Textbook information and pricing is subject to change. NOTE: This site will be updated regularly as we receive new orders from faculty and shipments from publishers. Because textbook information can change at any time, we are not responsible for information used from this site for the purchase of textbooks or supplies from other sources. Purchases from the Raiders Bookstore (in-store or online) are protected under our return policy.
  • Students should check back often and note any changes that occur.
  • New textbooks will be substituted if used are not available (Web page does not reflect real-time information as to the availability of new and used titles).
  • Textbooks often vary by campus. Please purchase your textbooks from the campus store where you are enrolled.
  • Orders will not be processed during college closings. We do not ship books to P.O. Boxes or on weekends.

I have read and understand the above.

To access the Raiders Web store, you must agree to the terms of service.


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