Oakland Community College

Computer Aided Engineering Option (CAD.CAE.AAS)

   This program option provides students instruction in engineering-related design with emphasis on concepts and applications of Computer Aided Engineering Technology.   CAE covers subjects such as: the applications and principles of kinematics in engineering-related design; concepts and techniques of finite element modeling for stress analysis and nondestructive testing; techniques and applications of solid modeling for design and manufacturing; and CAD techniques of numerical control tool path generation for manufacturing.   Reverse engineering and rapid prototyping further enhance the learning experience of students in this program.   CAD applications are used in numerous industries such as: animation, product design, urban planning, interior design, medical applications, manufacturing and architecture.   Upon completion of this associate degree or certificate, graduates will be prepared for employment in engineering, manufacturing and design analysis industries or may transfer to a four-year institution. 

P20 ARTICULATION STUDENTS: Students who have completed P20 articulation programs may apply for advanced placement. Detailed information may be obtained through your high school counselor.

CAE Degree   •   CAE Certificate