PER 2540

Medical First Responder/First Responder

4 Credits

GE Outcomes: Critical Thinking

The purpose of This course is to provide the first responder with the knowledge and skills necessary in an emergency to help sustain life, reduce pain, and minimize the consequences of injury or sudden illness until more advanced medical help can arrive. The course content and activities will prepare participants to make appropriate decisions about the care to provide in an emergency. The course teaches the skills a first responder needs to act as a crucial link in the emergency medical services (EMS) system. The contents of This course meet or exceed all requirements of the Michigan Department of Industrial and Consumer Services for Medical First Responder (MFR) licensure when conducted by an instructor licensed by the State of Michigan. (See footnote by course in Schedule of Classes.) This course includes professional rescuer CPR certification. This course is equivalent to courses previously called Advanced First Aid and Emergency Care and meets or exceeds all requirements of the American Red Cross for the Emergency Response course. Course/lab fees.