Oakland Community College 


Extended Degree - Associate in Applied Science (ACH.AASX)

   The Architecture program will prepare students who are pursuing careers in architecture and related fields. The courses offered within the program will enable graduating students to develop small to medium scale architectural projects from the phases of design through the development of construction drawings.
   Upon successful completion, students will earn an Associate in Applied Science extended degree allowing them to pursue entry-level positions in the field of architecture and construction. For further studies in architecture, the associate degree courses can be applied towards a baccalaureate program in architecture at the university level.
   Architecture students enrolled at OCC have the option of following the OCC-Lawrence Technological University (LTU) Articulation Transfer Agreement track. As part of this understanding, selected graduates can enter LTU’s architecture program at the junior level. OCC-LTU Articulation requires students to complete foundational courses, declare their intention to participate, and have their portfolio reviewed before being accepted into the transfer track.
   Students intending to pursue the OCC-LTU option should thoroughly understand the details of the Transfer Agreement before committing to the program by attending the group session with the architecture program coordinator at OCC.
   All questions related to the OCC architecture program or OCC-LTU transfer option may be addressed to the Architecture program at architectureprogram@oaklandcc.edu

Major Requirements Credits
ARC 1000 Basic Architectural Drawing and Drafting 4
ARC 1040 Introduction to Architecture 4
ARC 1130 Basic Architecture Design I 3
ARC 1140 Architectural Design II 3
ARC 1500 Building Systems I 5
ARC 2050 Building Systems II 5
ARC 2110 Architectural Site Development 4
ARC 2120 Structural Systems 4
ARC 2140 Architectural Environmental Systems 4
ARC 2165 Interior Design and Color Theory 3
ARC 2180 Architectural Design and Development 4

Required Supportive Courses
CAD 1101 Introduction to CAD 4
CAD 1151 CAD Architecture/Civil Engineering 3
ENG 14501 Writing and Reading for Problem Solving 3
ENG 2200 Professional Communication 4
MAT 15603 Trigonometry 4
PHY 1610 College Physics I 4
In addition, the student must select 4 credits from the following:
ARC 11352 Presentations and Model Building 3
ARC 1505 Sustainable Architecture 3
ARC 21112 Global Site Development 1
ARC 2130 Building Code Analysis 2
ARC 21812 Design Theory 1
ARC 21822 Portfolio Review 1
See degree requirements for an Associate in Applied Science degree.
General Education Requirement
See General Education Distribution Requirements
1   Prospective transfer students should substitute ENG 1510.
2   Required course for OCC-LTU Transfer.
3   Or MAT 1540 or higher
●   Course may be used to meet General Education requirements.