Oakland Community College 


Associate in Liberal Arts (CIN.ALA)

   The Cinematic Arts program awards an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts.  This program incorporates a theoretical and practical field of study, providing the student with a multidimensional experience in the study and application of cinematic arts. Subsequent to completion of the program, students will be prepared to enter the film/video industry or pursue a Bachelor degree in film/video production or studies.

   Graduating from this program does not automatically qualify the student for the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) endorsement. Students in this program seeking MTA endorsement should work closely with an OCC counselor to identify classes from the MTA List which apply to the endorsement and to degree requirements.

Major Requirements Credits
  ENG 1510 Composition I 3
  ENG 1520 Composition II 3
    Communication1 3
    Fine Arts/Humanities● 11
    Mathematics/Science2 8
    Physical Education● 1
  POL 1510 American Government 3
    Social Science● 8
    Total 40
Required Supportive Courses
  ENG 2780 Introduction to Playwriting and Screenwriting 3
  HUM 1900 Introduction to the Film 3
HUM 2100-2109 Topics in Film 3
HUM 2900 Literature into Film 3
  PHO 1800 Fundamentals of Digital Video 4
  PHO 2800 Advanced Digital Video 4
  PHO 2803 Special Projects in Digital Video 3
    Total 20
Required Elective Courses
The student must select 6 credits from the following selections:
  ART 1800 Experimental Animation 4
  ENG 1710 Introduction to Literature: Short Story and Novel 3
  ENG 2800 Creative Writing 3
  ENG 2880 Advanced Screenwriting 3
  HUM 2100-21093 Topics in Film 3
  HUM 29003 Literature into Film 3
  JOR 1620 Introductory Journalism 3
  LIB 1200 Introduction to Media Technology 3
  MMC 2401-2403 Multimedia Internship 1-3
  PHO 1220 Fundamentals of Photography 3
  PHO 1700 Beginning Digital Photography 4
  SSC 2710 Mass Media and Society 3
  THE 1585 Acting for Film 3
  THE 1990 Fundamentals of Directing 3
    Total 6
See degree requirements for an Associate in Applied Science degree.
See General Education Distribution Requirements

1   Select one: COM-1290, 1600, 2290, 2610, 2620.
2   Must include an approved lab/science course and completion of MAT-1150 or higher
3   If not used as Required Specialty
●   Course may be used to meet General Education requirements.