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   The Computer Support Certificate provides the student with a broad set of skills to install, administer, and support the computer infrastructure in the business environment. In addition to specialized skills in systems support, the certificate gives the student a solid foundation in computer-based systems concepts.
Requirements Credits
CIS 1100 Fundamentals of Information Systems 4
CIS 1200 Introduction to Database Systems 4
CIS 1300 Networking Concepts 4
CIS 1400 Web Design I 4
CIS 1500 Introduction to Software Engineering (Java) 4
CIS 2232 Fundamentals of System Support 4
CIS 2333 Web System Administration 4
CIS 2838 System Security 4
CIS 2980 Computer Service Technologies and Techniques with A+ 4

Also, select two (2) additional courses (as certificate electives) from the following list. 
Computer Support Certificate Electives
CIS 2434 Introduction to Linux/UNIX Administration 3
CIS 2535 Microsoft Windows Server Administration 3
CIS 2636 Network Administration 4
CIS 2737 Database Administration 4
CIS 2839 Internet Security 4
CIS 2858 Web System Integration and Service Development 4