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   The Web Developer Certificate is designed to provide a strong foundation for the design and development of server-side application software. The creation of Web application software requires expertise with numerous software design frameworks, programming languages, scripting languages, networking protocols, and server platforms. The Web developer must effectively utilize these technologies to create software that will interpret requests for services, generate dynamic content, communicate with databases, and provide seamless integration with other applications across the Internet.
Requirements Credits
CIS 1200 Introduction to Database Systems 4
CIS 1400 Web Design I 4
CIS 1420 HTML5 Programming 3
CIS 1500 Introduction to Software Engineering (Java) 4
CIS 1721 Web Design II 3
CIS 2151 Object-Oriented Programming (Java) 4
CIS 2454 Web System Development ( PHP, Java) 4
CIS 2555 Web System Development (ASP) 4
CIS 2656 Visual Basic Programming 4
CIS 2818 Wireless Handheld Application Development 4
CIS 2858 Web System Integration and Service Development 4