Oakland Community College 


Extended Degree Program - Associate in Applied Science (CUL.AASX)

   The Culinary Arts program accredited by the American Culinary Federation, leads to an Associate’s Degree in applied science and industry certification. It is designated as an extended degree program in that the student must complete 73 or more credit hours. The program curriculum is designed to prepare the student for a career as a culinary professional leading to a position as an executive chef or food and beverage manager.
   The first year emphasizes foundation skills, knowledge, and technical processes of food safety, cookery, baking, and guest services. The second year builds on students skills to include the study and practice of classical and contemporary cuisines, pastries and skill refinement. Management principles, industry standards, human resources, and financial applications practiced in food and beverage operations will be presented throughout the curriculum. Opportunities are available for students seeking culinary competition experience in multiple venues.
   A working internship and successful completion of A.C.F. culinary skills practical exam are required for program completion. Upon graduation students are eligible for certification by the American Culinary Federation.
   Before enrolling in the Culinary Arts program, students should review the Culinary Arts Program standards found on the following webpage: www.oaklandcc.edu/culinary. Students must also attend a mandatory Culinary Arts orientation session prior to enrolling in CUL 1011.

Major Requirements Credits
CUL 1010 Food Standards, Sanitation and Hygiene 2
CUL 1011 Culinary Arts Skill Development 2
CUL 1111 Cookery 4
CUL 1120 Restaurant Meat Cutting 2
CUL 1130 Garde Manger I 2
CUL 1151 Retail Baking 4
CUL 1200 Restaurant Cookery 4
CUL 1210 Dining Room I 2
CUL 1230 Front House Management 2
CUL 1250 Pastry I 4
CUL 2020 Food Service Cost Control 3
CUL 2030 Food Purchasing and Storage 2
CUL 2040 Menu Development and Design 3
CUL 2130 Garde Manger II 4
CUL 2200 Buffets and Banquets 4
CUL 2210 Dining Room II 2
CUL 2400 Classical Restaurant 4
CUL 2420 Plated Dessert I 2
CUL 2480 Event and Catering Management 3
CUL 2500 Culinary Arts Internship 1
Required Supportive Courses
HEA 1510 Nutrition 3
PSY 2630 Psychology of Organizational Behavior 3
Students must complete minimum 2 credits from the following list:
CUL 1050 Beginning Cake Decorating 2
CUL 1060 Theme Cakes 2
CUL 2250 Pastry II 4
CUL 2300 Ice Carving 2
CUL 2301 Ice Carving Competition 2
CUL 2311 International Cuisine - Italian 2
CUL 2312 International Cuisine - Asian 2
CUL 2313 International Cuisine - Mediterranean 2
CUL 2314 International Cuisine - American Regional.. 2
CUL 2315 International Cuisine - Mexican 2
CUL 2316 International Cuisine - Indian 2
CUL 2320 Wines and Spirits 3
CUL 2321 Food and Wine Pairing 2
CUL 2330 Artisan Breads 2
CUL 2340 Nutritional Cooking 2
CUL 2350 Culinary Competition 2
CUL 2351 Culinary Certification Preparation 1
CUL 2360 Soups and Sauces 2
CUL 2391 Sugar Artistry 2
CUL 2392 Chocolate Artistry 2
CUL 2530 Wedding Cake Design 2
CUL 2531 Special Techniques for Cakes 2
See degree requirements for an Associate in Applied Science degree.
General Education Requirement
See General Education Distribution Requirements
●  Course may be used to meet General Education requirements.