Oakland Community College 



   This program is designed for individuals who desire employment on paramedic ambulances, fire department ALS units, or hospital emergency rooms requiring paramedic skills. Students must be accepted into the Paramedic Program and successfully complete all required coursework. Those students who successfully complete the program are eligible to take the National Registry Paramedic certification exam and then apply for a Michigan Paramedic License.
Required Courses Credits
  BIO 1650 Anatomy and Physiology for EMS Providers 5
BIO 2630 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
  BIO 2640 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
    BIO 2660 Pathophysiology 3
    EMS 1010 EMT I 5
    EMS 1020 EMT II 5
    EMS 1100 EMT Clinical 1
    EMS 12001 Rescue/Extrication 1
    EMS 1400 EMT Extended Clinical 3
    EMS 1500 EMS Communications 2
    EMS 2000 Paramedic I Including I.V. and Intubation 5
    EMS 2100 Paramedic I Clinical 2
    EMS 2200 Paramedic II Including Pharmacology 5
    EMS 2300 Paramedic III Including Cardiology 5
    EMS 2400 Paramedic II Clinical / Internship I 4
    EMS 2500 Paramedic III Internship II 3
    EMS 2600 National Registry Prep Course 2
    EMS 2700 Advanced Cardiac Life Support 2

1   Or state extrication certificate