Oakland Community College 


Associate in Applied Science


   Focused on the requirements of a facilities setting, students will develop the knowledge and skills to support the maintenance of facility infrastructures; equipment, buildings, and manufacturing equipment.
   The ETT programs provide students with an educational background in: Electrical Design, and Maintenance.
   Graduates may be employed in various electrical-related occupations: Plant Floor Electrician; Equipment Maintenance and Repair; or choose to continue their education.

Major Requirements Credits
APP 2170* Applied Technology 4
CAD 1100* Introduction to CAD and Drafting Industry 3
DDT 1000 Fundamentals for the Drafting Industry 3
EEC 1020* DC Fundamentals 3
EEC 1040* AC Fundamentals 3
EGR 1100 Introduction to Engineering 3
ENG 1450*●1 Writing and Reading for Problem Solving 3
ETT 1110* Industrial Electrical Systems 3
ETT 2500* Electrical Machines 4
ETT 2700* Electrical Controls 4
MAT 1150*● Intermediate Algebra 4
ROB 1500 Introduction to Robotics Technology 4
ROB 1620 Industrial Robotic Applications 4
ROB 1660 Robotic Communications and Machine Vision 4
ROB 2500 Robotic Controller Maintenance 4
See Graduation Requirements for an Associate in Applied Science Degree.

P20 ARTICULATION STUDENTS: Students who have completed P20 articulation programs may apply for advanced placement. Detailed information may be obtained through your high school counselor.

1   Transfer students should substitute ENG 1510 for ENG 1450
*   When all courses marked with an asterisk are completed, students may apply for a certificate.
●   Course may be used to meet General Education requirements