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Associate in Applied Science - (FFT.AAS)

   This program leads to an Associate in Applied Science Degree, gives the student an educational background for employment in the fire science area and aids persons already employed to obtain credentials for promotional opportunities. Students who satisfactorily complete the program will exhibit competency in building construction and fire safety, hydraulics, fire protection systems and equipment, handling of hazardous materials, arson investigation, fire safety and administration.
   Students with a valid current EMT license (which includes the necessary First Aid and Emergency Services/First Responder training), issued by the State of Michigan, will be granted PER 2540 Medical First Responder/First Responder equivalency following the existing vocational model.
   Students who have completed their State of Michigan Firefighter I and II Certification will be granted credit for FFT 1510 Introduction to Fire Prevention and FFT 1520 Fundamentals of Fire Prevention. Preservice students must complete FFT 1510 and FFT 1520 prior to enrolling for higher course requirements.

Major Requirements Credits
  FFT 1510* Introduction to Fire Protection 3
  FFT 1520* Fundamentals of Fire Prevention 3
  FFT 1530* Fire Arson Investigation 3
  FFT 1540* Hazardous Materials 3
  FFT 1550* Fire Protection Systems and Equipment 3
FFT 1560* Aircraft Firefighting and Rescue 3
FFT 2560* Legal Considerations for the Fire Service 3
  FFT 2510* Fire Hydraulics and Water Supply 3
  FFT 2520* Fire Service Administration 3
  FFT 2530* Building Construction for Fire Service 3
  FFT 2540* Fire Fighting Tactics and Strategy 3
Required Supportive Courses
  PER 2540 Medical First Responder/First Responder 4
Necessary Electives to Total

See degree requirements for an Associate in Applied Science degree.
General Education Requirement
See General Education Distribution Requirements

*  When all courses marked with an asterisk are completed, students may apply for a certificate.