Oakland Community College 


Certificate (HCA.CT) Southfield Campus

   The certificate program is designed to prepare students for a career in health care administration. This flexible program will enable students with health care experience to supplement previous experience and develop new skills necessary for upward mobility. Graduates of this program will be prepared as nursing home administrators, nursing home administrative personnel, department heads in hospitals and administrative personnel for public and private health facilities, including ambulatory clinics and assisted living facilities.
   Courses in this program are also available to those individuals who are required to have continuing education credits in order to maintain their nursing home licensure. Courses prefixed HCA 1000 through 2300 are approved for continuing education credits. However, students must complete HCA 1000 with a “C” or better, ENG 1510, 1520 or 2200 with a “C” or better and/or receive consent of Program Coordinator/designee to enroll in HCA 1110 through 2300.  The externship is individually arranged upon completion of the first 9 courses listed under “Major Requirements.” The number of hours required for this clinical experience is dependent upon previous supervisory experience in a health care facility and may range from 180 to 360 clock hours. The program coordinator makes arrangements with the students and the specific health care facility for this externship.
   A mandatory criminal history check including fingerprints and drug screening will be conducted at the student’s expense in the semester immediately preceding the start of the externship course(s).  1) Conviction of a felony or conviction of an attempt to commit a felony within the 15 years immediately preceding the date of the criminal history check; or 2) conviction of a misdemeanor within the 10 years immediately preceding the criminal history check, will preclude eligibility for admission. In addition, all selected students must have a drug screen test prior to the start of the program. For details contact 248.233.2917.

Additional Program Requirements

  • All "Major Requirements" and "Required Supportive Courses" must be completed with a "C" or better.
Major Requirements Credits
HCA 1000 Introduction to Health Care Administration 3
HCA 1110 Health Facility Maintenance and Sanitation 3
HCA 1210 Principles of Nursing Home Operation 3
HCA 1230 Patient Care and Auxiliary Relationships In Health Care Facilities 3
HCA 2100 Personnel Management in Health Care Facilities 3
HCA 2150 Labor Practices in Health Care Facilities 2
HCA 2200 Fiscal Management in Health Care Facilities 3
HCA 2250 Legal Aspects of Health Service Management 3
HCA 2300 Problems and Policies of Health Care Facilities 3
HCA 2401-2406 Health Care Administration Externship 1-6

Required Supportive Courses
ENG 1510 Composition I 3
MED 1103 Medical Terminology 3
PSY 2510 Introduction to Psychology 3