Oakland Community College 


Certificate of Achievement

HLS Level 1 (HLS.LV1.CA)

   The Homeland Security Level I Certificate of Achievement will introduce students to domestic and international terrorism issues and strategies for countering terrorist threats. Best practices will be identified for successful security planning and threat assessment. The key principles of emergency management and disaster planning will be presented to deal with both man-made and natural threats. Successful students will have the opportunity to earn numerous recognitions from FEMA in Incident Command and from the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

Major Requirements Credits
HLS 1000 Introduction to Homeland Security 3
HLS 1004 Terrorism Analysis 3
HLS 1005 Integrating Emergency Management and Homeland Security 3
HLS 1006 International Strategies in Homeland Security 3
Required Supportive Courses  
Also, select two (2) additional courses from the following list:
HLS 1001 School Safety and Homeland Security 3
HLS 1002 Homeland Security and First Responders 3
HLS 1003 Introduction to Intelligence for Homeland Security 3
HLS 1020-1039 Special Topics in Homeland Security 1-4