Oakland Community College 


Extended Degree - Associate in Applied Science (LAD.AASX)

   This program, leading to an Associate in Applied Science Degree, gives the student experience in landscape gardening, ornamental horticulture, plant health care and design/build. Student learning will focus on designing and building environmentally responsible, functional, and aesthetically pleasing garden designs. An individual entering this field can find self-expression and satisfaction in a career that brings pleasure and beauty to outdoor spaces. A graduate may be employed in one of many landscape businesses, in the care of public and recreational grounds, nurseries, grounds of public and private institutions, or may choose to start a business. This is an extended degree program.

Major Requirements Credits
LST 1110 Introduction to Ornamental Horticulture 3
LST 1120 Plant Identification 3
LST 1140 Flowering Annuals and Perennials 3
LST 1210 Soil and Soil Fertility 3
LST 1220 Landscape Construction - Irrigation 3
LST 1230 Landscape Construction - Hard Structures 3
LST 1403 Field Project 3
LST 1510 History of Landscape Architecture 3
LST 2140 Garden Design and Maintenance 3
LST 2310 Introduction to Landscape Planning 3
LST 2315 Landscape Design Solution 3
LST 2320 Advanced Landscape Planning 3
LST 2340 Insect Pests and Disease Control 3
LST 2350 Landscape Design Presentation 3
LST 2370 Plant Health Care 3
LST 2403 Advanced Field Project 3
LST 2480 Computer Aided Landscape Design 3
Required Supportive Courses
BIO 1320 Plant Science 3
COM 1290● Interpersonal Communication 3
Suggested Electives
ACC 1500 Accounting for the Small Business Owner 3
BUS 1210 Starting and Operating a Small Business 3
BUS 1310 Principles of Supervision 3
ENG 1350● Business Communications 3
LST 1130 Woody Plant Identification II 3
PSY 2630● Psychology of Organizational Behavior 3
See degree requirements for an Associate in Applied Science degree.
General Education Requirement
See General Education Distribution Requirements
●   Course may be used to meet General Education requirements.