Oakland Community College 


Certificate Program (LAD.CT)

   The Landscape Design Certificate verifies students have successfully completed projects and coursework in: advanced design concepts, industry standards for landscape construction management as it pertains to landscape design/build, presentation sales, and evaluation of design effectiveness and functionality.
   The O CC certificate represents the second stage in a three-step progression toward an associate degree in Landscape Design. Students must first complete the requirements for the Certificate of Achievement.

Major Requirements Credits
  LAD.CA completion 21
BIO 1320 Plant Science 3
LST 1220 Landscape Construction - Irrigation 3
LST 1230 Landscape Construction - Hard Structures 3
LST 1510 History of Landscape Architecture 3
LST 2320 Advanced Landscape Planning 3
LST 2350 Landscape Design Presentation 3
LST 2403 Advanced Field Project 3