Oakland Community College 


Certificate of Achievement (LSH.CA)

   The Landscape Horticulture Certificate of Achievement verifies students have successfully completed coursework and project in: analysis of the site and site plan; creation of a soil management plan; development of plant management strategies; identification of plant materials and use strategies; green industry terminology; and interpersonal communications with clients.
   Certificates of Achievement are available to all students and represent competency milestones toward their career goals.

Major Requirements Credits
BIO 1320 Plant Science 3
LST 1110 Introduction to Ornamental Horticulture 3
LST 1120 Plant Identification 3
LST 1140 Flowering Annuals and Perennials 3
LST 1210 Soil and Soil Fertility 3
LST 1403 Field Project 3
LST 2310 Introduction to Landscape Planning 3