Oakland Community College 


Certificate Program (LSH.CT)

   The Landscape Horticulture Level II Certificate verifies students have successfully completed projects and coursework in: analyzing and diagnosing problems at the site; creation of plant healthcare programs; development of site management strategies; site enhancements; and grounds management.
   The OCC certificate represents the second stage in a three-step progression toward an associate degree in Landscape Horticulture. Students are expected to have completed the requirements for the Achievement Certificate.

Major Requirements Credits
LSH.CA completion 21
LST 1220 Landscape Construction-Irrigation 3
LST 1230 Landscape Construction-Hard Structures 3
LST 1300 Greenhouse Management 3
LST 2010 Turf grass Management 3
LST 2210 Nursery Practices 3
LST 2340 Insect, Pests and Disease Identification 3
LST 2370 Plant Health Care 3
LST 2403 Advanced Field Project 3