Oakland Community College 


Associate in Applied Science (MTT.CNC.AAS)

   The Machine Tool Numerical Control Option of the Machine Tool Technology Program emphasizes the concepts of automatically operating machines through the use of a punch tape or directly from a computer. Instruction will include programming techniques, dimensional tape and computer controls, numerical control (NC) and computer numerical control (CNC) machine tool operations. In addition, the interfacing of automated equipment with computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) systems will be addressed.

Major Requirements Credits
ATM 1100 Introduction to Machine Tools 3
ATM 1120 Machine Tool Operation I 3
ATM 1140 Machine Tool Operation II 3
ATM 1300* Introduction to Numerical Control 3
ATM 2100* Basic Numerical Control Programming 3
ATM 2200* Numerical Control Machining 3
ATM 2300* Three-Dimensional Contour Machining 4

Required Supportive Courses

APM 8110* Geometry Algebra 3
APM 82101* Plane Trigonometry 3
CAD 1101* Introduction to CAD 4
ENG 14502 Writing and Reading for Problem Solving 3
MAT 1150 Intermediate Algebra 4
MSE 1000* Material Science Fundamentals - Metallurgy 3
QAT 1040* Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing - Principles and Applications 3
TED 1030* Basic Blueprint Reading 3

See degree requirements for an Associate in Applied Science degree.
General Education Requirement
See General Education Distribution Requirements
1   Prospective transfer students should substitute MAT 1560.
2   Prospective transfer students should substitute ENG 1510.
*   When all courses marked with an asterisk are completed, students may apply for a certificate.
●   Course may be used to meet General Education requirements.