Oakland Community College 


Associate in Liberal Arts


   This option prepares the student with the basic skills necessary to continue studies in vocal performance.
   Students completing the program may either continue their education in a four-year institution with approximately two years of requirements fulfilled1, or pursue a career as a private music teacher and/or performer.

   Graduating from this program does not automatically qualify the student for the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) endorsement. Students in this program seeking MTA endorsement should work closely with an OCC counselor to identify classes from the MTA List which apply to the endorsement and to degree requirements.

Major Requirements Credits
MUS 2551-2558 Applied Music: Vocal or Instrumental Instruction (Minimum of 4) (each) 1
MUS 2601-2605 Recital/Special Project (each) 1

2 of the following courses:
MUS 1585 World Music 3
MUS 1590 Music History: Rock 3
MUS 1680 Music Theory: Jazz 2
MUS 16902 Jazz Improvisation 2
MUS 2011 Music Composition (Standard Tune) 2
MUS 2021 Music Composition (Art Music) 2
MUS 2501-2509 Special Topics (each) 3
A total of 3 credits from any combination of the following course sections:
MUS 1661-1668 Ensemble (each) 1
MUS 1710-1740 OCC Chorale (each) 1
MUS 1791-1798 OCC Stage/Jazz Band (each) 2
See Graduation Requirements for an Associate in Liberal Arts Degree

1 Students should see an advisor to review which courses specific universities will accept.
2 Students who select Jazz Improvisation to fulfill this requirement will need to complete a total of 4 credits from the Ensemble, Chorale, Jazz Band combination.
Course may be used to meet General Education requirements.