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Extended Degree - Associate in Applied Science (NUR.APP)                                                                    Highland Lakes Campus

   The Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) curriculum is a 72 credit-hour program that leads to an associate in applied science degree and prepares the graduates to provide direct nursing care at a beginning staff level in a variety of health care settings. Successful completion of the program requirements qualifies the students to apply to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). Satisfactory achievement on this examination qualifies the graduates for licensure as Registered Nurses (RN s). Anyone who has been convicted of a felony may not be eligible for licensure.
   The course of study combines general education in the humanities and the biological, behavioral and social sciences with instruction in the theory and practice of nursing. Students must first be admitted to the college and must designate nursing (NUR) as their curriculum. Registration in the nursing courses is possible only after the student is admitted to the nursing program through a selection process based on a system of priorities.

Basic eligibility requirements include:

  • High school graduation or GED.
  • Completion of BIO 1570 (or BIO 2710), BIO 2630 and BIO 2640 with a grade of 'C' or better within five years of the start of the fall nursing courses. The five-year period dates from the session during which the course was taken and closes at the first session in which the student is enrolled in the nursing program.
  • Attendance at a nursing information session.
  • HESI admission assessment (A2) exam completed at OCC.  Score in the 75th percentile or higher on both the Reading Comprehension and Math exams, achieved in the same testing session. One retake permitted; fee each attempt.

   Requirements and procedures for admission may be found on the nursing website at www.oaklandcc.edu/nursing. Students who meet the basic eligibility admission requirements and apply by the deadline will be included in the selection process. All requirements must be completed by DECEMBER 15 of the year preceding intended enrollment in the nursing program. Notification of the selection decision will be sent by mail by MARCH 15. Fall 2014 Admission Selection and Later: Students will be scored on three criteria: GPA of the required supportive English and Biology courses, the number of required supportive English and Biology courses repeated, and the number of required supportive English and Biology courses transferred to OCC.
   Students must obtain a grade of 'C' or better in all currently required college courses and a 'B-' grade or better in all nursing program courses for an Associate in Applied Science in order to be certified as eligible to write the NCLEX-RN. The policies and regulations regarding admission, progression and retention in the nursing program, as well as certification, licensure qualifications and legal limitations of license are outlined in the Nursing Student Handbook which is provided to each student enrolled in the nursing program. All these provisions are also explained in the information sessions prior to admission to the program. In addition to the tuition, nursing students incur extra costs such as liability insurance, pre-admission health examination, uniforms, supplies, travel, pins and licensure application.
   The ADN program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, GA 30326, ph: 404.975.5000, http://www.acenursing.org and has full approval of the Michigan Board of Nursing. Note: Conviction of a felony or misdemeanor may preclude eligibility for licensure. For more information contact the Michigan Board of Nursing (ph: 517.335.0918).
   The Nursing program is designed as a full-time program. Prior to selection in the nursing program, students may elect part-time study as they complete the required supportive and general education courses.
   A mandatory criminal history check including fingerprints will be conducted on all students selected to the Nursing program prior to the start of the program, at the student's cost. 1) Conviction of a felony or any attempt to commit a felony within the 15 years immediately preceding the date of the criminal history check; or 2) conviction of a misdemeanor within the 10 years immediately preceding the criminal history check, will preclude eligibility for admission. In addition, all selected students must have a drug screening test prior to the start of the program. A student’s full record will be reviewed. For details contact the Nursing Department at 248.942.3333.

Major Requirements; Credits
NUR 1290 Pharmacology for Nurses 2
NUR 1410 Foundations of Nursing 7
NUR 1450 Clinical Skills 0.5
NUR 1460 Integrated Physical Assessment and Decision Making Skills I 0.5
NUR 1470 Integrated Physical Assessment and Decision Making Skills II 0.5
NUR 1510 Nursing of the Child-Bearing Family 4
NUR 1520 Nursing of Adults - Mental Health and Maladaptive Behavior 4
NUR 1530 Nursing of Adults I 4
NUR 2510 Nursing of Children and Families 4
NUR 2520 Nursing of Adults II 4
NUR 2530 Nursing of Adults III 4
NUR 2540 Transition to Graduate Nurse Role 4.5

Required Supportive Courses
BIO 1570 Microbiology of Health and Disease 3
BIO 2710 Microbiology 4
BIO 2630 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
BIO 2640 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
ENG 1510 Composition I 3
ENG 1520 Composition II 3
ENG 2200 Professional Communication 4
HEA 1510 Nutrition 3
PSY 2510 Introduction to Psychology 3
SOC 2510 Sociology 3
  Fine Arts/Humanities Elective 3

Recommended Elective
CHE 1320 Survey of Organic and Biochemistry 4
See degree requirements for an Associate in Applied Science degree.
General Education Requirement
See General Education Distribution Requirements

●   Course may be used to meet General Education requirements.