Oakland Community College 


Certificate of Achievement (PER.PCC.CA)

   The Coaching Certificate of Achievement program is designed to provide specific certification and credentials for individuals to be employed as coaches in the scholastic system or at the club level. To qualify for their certificate the student must successfully complete PER 2810 Coaching Theory I and PER 2811 Coaching Theory II with a minimum grade of B-. Completion of all of the additional required courses will result in an OCC Coaching Certificate of Achievement in Coaching. The courses in this program were designed to meet the National Standards for Sport Coaches.

Requirements Credits
PER 1570 Fundamentals of Physical Education 3
PER 1590 Physical Well-Being in a Modern Society 2
PER 2540 Medical First Responder/First Responder 4
PER 2810 Coaching Theory I 3
PER 2811 Coaching Theory II 3
PER 2812 Coaching Skills and Techniques 2