Oakland Community College 


Associate in Applied Science (ROB.AUT.AAS)

   This program is designed to prepare students for career opportunities in the robotics and automation fields and provides a background in many areas of technology:

  • Robotic Programming Applications
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • Robotic Controllers
  • Robotic Mechanical D rives
  • Robotic Welding Systems
  • Programmable Controllers
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Industrial Networks
  • Vision Systems

   Robotics/Automated Systems Technologies prepare students for employment in advance manufacturing and for emerging technologies.
   A robotics technologist applies traditional electro-mechanical skills with knowledge of programming, controls, and networking to mechatronics concepts as related to robotic systems. Individuals in the field of robotics apply logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of approaches to problems, or to alternative solutions for innovations in technology leading to development of new applications and markets for robotics.
   Two certificates are offered for acquiring useful credentials in robotics, enhancing current skills, or building toward an Associate degree:

  • Robotics/Automated Systems certificate
  • Programmable Controllers certificate of Achievement
Major Requirements Credits
ROB 1500 Introduction to Robotics Technology 4
ROB 1520 Robot Maintenance 4
ROB 1620 Industrial Robotic Applications 4
ROB 1640 Interpolated/Welding Robotic Applications 4
ROB 1660 Robotic Communications and Machine Vision 4
ROB 2040 Programmable Controller Applications 4
ROB 2140 Advanced Programmable Controller Applications 4
ROB 2400 Robotic Automated Systems Applications 4
ROB 2500 Robotic Controller Maintenance 4

Required Supportive Courses
APP 2170 Applied Technology 4
ATF 1470 Fundamentals of Pneumatics 3
CAD 1101 Introduction to CAD 4
CIS 1300 Networking Concepts 4
ENG 14501 Writing and Reading for Problem Solving 3
MAT 11502 Intermediate Algebra 4
See Graduation Requirements for an Associate in Applied Science Degree.

Note: Computer skills are essential for the lab requirements of the courses. Students without basic computer skills are strongly encouraged to enroll in CIS 1000 Computer Literacy.

Students who have completed P20 articulation programs may apply for advanced placement. Detailed information may be obtained through your high school counselor.
1   Prospective transfer students should substitute ENG 1510.
2   Or higher level MAT course.
●   Course may be used to meet General Education requirements.