Oakland Community College 


Certificate of Achievement


   This option is intended for individuals who desire entry-level employment in clinical assisting in a private medical office, clinic or other health care facility. Course work will emphasize the clinical duties in a health care facility. Successful completion of this option will result in a certificate of achievement in Medical Office Clinical Procedures. Eligibility for this certificate is dependant upon the student achieving a "C" (2.0) or better in each of the required courses. The student may choose to continue and complete an Associate in Applied Science degree or the Certificate in Medical Assisting. Completion of the mandatory Medical Assisting Program orientation is required. For details, contact (248) 942-3069.

Requirements Credits
MDA 1140 Medical Assisting Clinical Procedures 3
MDA 1170 Medical Assisting-Laboratory Procedures 3
MDA 1200 Basic X-ray Techniques and Spirometry 1
MDA 1250 Phlebotomy 1
MDA 1350 Medical Law and Ethics 3
MDA 1570 Basic Electrocardiography 3
MDA 2010 Medical Office Medications 3
MED 1103 Medical Terminology 3