Oakland Community College

All OCC Children's Centers will close permanently beginning fall 2013

The college recognizes the need for childcare and the convenience afforded our students by providing it on campus. However, because it is not a core part of the college‚Äôs mission and the cost has become prohibitive,  the service will be discontinued.  When all five centers were operational in 2009 they served 138 children and cost the approximately $800,000.  As of the winter 2013 semester, only three centers were open, serving children but subsidized by the college at a cost of approximately $550,000 for the year.

Affected students are encouraged to contact the Michigan Department of Human Services (www.michigan.gov/dhs) 866.540.0008 or the Child Care Council, Oakland County (www.oaklandchildcare.org) 248.333.9545 for assistance in finding a licensed provider.