Oakland Community College

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there an online orientation available for new students?

Yes - however it does not take the place of the on campus orientation that is required for some students. https://www.oaklandcc.edu/FutureStudents/Orientation

Do I have to take the COMPASS or MTELP assessment? Is there a cost for the assessment? Will my ACT scores from high school exempt me?

Every student is required to take the COMPASS exam unless a counselor verifies one of the following:

  • Transcripts show the equivalent of ENG-1510 Composition with a "C" or better.
  • Student has a bachelor’s or associate's degree.
  • Student has recent ACT/SAT scores.
  • ACT/SAT math scores are valid for 2 years.
  • Students whose native language is not English, must take MTELP.
  • There is no cost for these assessments.
  • COMPASS math is not needed to enroll but is required to register for a math course.
  • Students who are admitted as a college guest are exempt from COMPASS.
  • High School Guest/Dual Enrollment Students must take COMPASS unless they took the ACT.
  • International students applying to enter the College on a student visa (F-1) must comply with admission requirements for international students, outlined at Admission Requirements page.

When are the registration/payment due/drop deadline/tuition refund dates?

Refer to the current Schedule of Classes or Online Services website for this information. Semester dates vary each year.

How do I make an Academic Counseling appointment? How long is the appointment? Can I do the appointment via the telephone?

  • Call the Counseling Office or come in-person to the Counseling Office. Each campus' contact information can be found at: https://www.oaklandcc.edu/Counseling.
  • Generally, appointments are 30 minutes. 60 minutes are given for career counseling, and many types of academic/educational plans.
  • Phone appointment counseling sessions are limited to those who are out of state.

What are your walk-in hours? Can I schedule a walk-in appointment?

Walk-ins are available for each campus. Appointment lengths are limited to 10-15 minutes and are on a first-come/first-served basis. Students may call after 8:30 a.m. to find out what the walk-in times are for the day at each OCC campus.

How do I make a Career Counseling appointment? What do they cover?

Career Center appointments are made by contacting the Counseling Office at: https://www.oaklandcc.edu/Counseling. They are (1) one hour in duration and may involve multiple visits. The services offered include self-assessments, career exploration, and career decision making along with job search and resume help.

What are the program requirements for the degree path I have chosen?

  • The college catalog and OCC web site lists the programs and requirements.
  • A counseling appointment is recommended to assure interpretation of requirements.

Do counselors specialize in specific programs?

No. Any counselor should be able to help any student. Nursing students may be required to meet in a specific counseling session prior to acceptance into their program. These sessions are usually held at SF or HL campuses.

Who is the best counselor?

The one you see when you come in! Students need to follow-up regularly with a counselor.

I'm in the No Worker Left Behind Program or TAA/TRAA Program (Michigan Works). What steps do I need to take and what OCC programs am I eligible for?

  • To begin the process, students must complete an Application for Admission and should verify if they need to file a Financial Aid Application. English and math placement tests are required unless exempt. Counselors validate exemption status.
  • A one-hour appointment is scheduled to complete the Academic Program Plan for Michigan Works.

Do I have to use the OCC email address?

Yes. All official college communication will come to your OCC email account, including financial aid information and academic standing information. Below is a link to FAQ's about OCC email https://www.oaklandcc.edu/occgooglesignin/faq.aspx.

How can I change my major?

You can go in person to Enrollment Services at any campus to change your major. You will complete a change of information form. This cannot be done over the phone or online. It MUST be completed in person.

How do I register?

Web Registration: You will need a student login, which you will receive after you have been admitted. Follow these steps:
  • STEP 1: From the OCC Home Page, click the Online Services link in the green navigation bar at the TOP of the page.
  • STEP 2: Login (NOTE: You will get a login when you are admitted to OCC.)
  • STEP 3: Click on Students tab.
  • STEP 4: Choose the option Register for class sections.
  • STEP 5: Click on the first link: Search and Register for Sections.
  • STEP 6: Enter the term and one other option in the search boxes.
  • STEP 7: Click Submit button.
  • STEP 8: Enter a checkmark in the box(es) next to the section in which you would like to register.
  • STEP 9: Select an action for the course from the drop-down list: Register, Audit, Remove From List.
  • STEP 10: Click Submit button.

How do I know what the codes stand for? And how do I find a course description?

The first three letters of a class indicate the subject or discipline in which it belongs (ENG is English). The four numbers indicate the numerical course codes. Together they make up the course codes (example ENG 1510 - Composition I). Course descriptions can be found under the catalog link on the OCC homepage (link below). https://www.oaklandcc.edu/Catalog/discipline.aspx.

What are prerequisites?

Prerequisites are classes that must be taken to move on to the next course. For example, ENG 1510 (Composition I) is a prerequisite for ENG 1520 (Composition II), so ENG 1510 MUST be taken before registering for ENG 1520. Please note that prerequisites are listed in the catalog under the specific course description.

What does my placement mean?

Placement testing is used to place you in the proper classes at OCC. Placement also determines which classes you are eligible to register for. More information on placement testing can be found on the links below:

Do I have to take a math class?

It depends on your plans for OCC and beyond. Many degrees require math and most transfer schools require it as well. It is important to know your goals for OCC as they will determine whether or not you are required to take math.

How many classes should I take?

This is different for every student and several factors need to be considered. Realistically what is your time availability? When planning your schedule, you need to take into consideration study time as well as class attendance time. In general, for every hour in class, you should plan to spend at least 2 - 3 hours a week studying. An example of this is if you are taking 12 credits, you can plan to spend at least 24 - 36 hours outside of class studying. Knowing this, you need to consider what your responsibilities are outside of OCC including work and family obligations. This will help you decide how many classes you should take in a semester.

What is full time? What is part-time?

Students enrolled for 12 or more credit hours in a given semester are considered to be full-time students in that semester. Students enrolled for at least 0.5 credit hour but less than 12 credit hours are considered to be a part-time students in that semester.

What should I take if I don’t know what I want to do yet?

For undecided students, a good area to start with is general education credits. It is the philosophy of OCC to ensure that each student pursing and completing an associate's degree has experienced the general education component as embodied in the requirement of each associate degree program at OCC. The college has identified 7 areas of General Education: Communication/ English, Fine Arts/ Humanities, Mathematics/ Science, Physical Education, POL 1510, Social Science, and Written Communication. A link to the specific classes for each area of general education is below: https://www.oaklandcc.edu/Catalog/DegreeRequirements/GenEdDistribRequirements.aspx.

Will I finish in two years?

This is dependent on the program you choose, how many credits you take a semester, and whether you attend every semester. An academic plan can be created with a counselor to determine if this is feasible for your degree choice.

What are the credit requirements for my degree?

Eligibility for a certificate or degree rests upon the satisfaction of these requirements:

  1. Complete all academic requirements of the program. Academic requirements for each certificate program are listed with the parallel degree program description in the online catalog.
    1. Upon completion of 30 hours toward a degree (15 hours toward a certificate), students should consult with a counselor.
    2. Upon preparing to enter the final semester, students should again consult with a counselor to determine degree eligibility.
  2. Complete a minimum of 62 credit hours for a degree with a minimum cumulative 2.00 grade point average (GPA) overall.
  3. All transfer students must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours at OCC.
  4. Meet all General Education Distribution requirements.
  5. Successfully complete POL 1510.
  6. Successfully complete a minimum of one credit hour from the Physical Education courses listed in the General Education Distribution list.

Can I take an online class?

Any student is able to take an online class at OCC if one is available for registration. However, there are some other variables to consider. Students placed into ENG1055, and who have not taken the course are not able to take online classes. You need to be Self-motivated, use your time wisely, and plan - you cannot procrastinate with an online class, let alone any other course. You need to have a good working knowledge of computers, the internet, and the Desire to Learn Platform that OCC online courses are delivered through. You also need to have consistent access to a computer and the internet. Below is a link to the Desire to Learn introduction video to see if this is a method of learning that may work for you. http://player.multicastmedia.com/player.php?p=nhe9u4p1

Can I attend more than one campus?

Of course! OCC has five campuses and you are able to take classes at any campus at any time. You will also want to note some programs are only offered out of certain campuses. For example, the culinary arts program is located at the Orchard Ridge campus only. However you can take your general education requirements at any campus.

How do I drop a class?

Students may drop a class by logging into online services during registration periods and click on the "register/ drop sections" option under the registration tab. Student drops transacted after the refund period will appear as a "W" mark on the transcript. Student-initiated drops will not be permitted beyond the instructional week indicated in the schedule of courses for that specific class.

How do I transfer to another college or university?

To start the transfer process, you will want to check out the transfer admissions page of the school in which you plan on attending. You will want to contact their transfer admissions counselor/advisor directly or attend a "Transfer Days" event at OCC. You will also need to complete an admissions application for the school in which you intend on transferring to. This can be found on the college or university’s home page. Finally, you will want to request in person at any campus cashiers office that a copy of your official transcript be sent to the school in which you intend to transfer to. Below is the link to the transcript request process: https://www.oaklandcc.edu/CurrentStudents/Transcripts.aspx

How do I know the classes I am taking will transfer to the school I am transferring to?

You can go on the transfer school’s admissions page and see if there is a transfer guide for your program. If not, you can contact the transfer admissions office at that school to obtain one or contact the counseling department at OCC.

How do I get my transcript evaluated by OCC? How do I send my OCC transcript to another school? Where can I find a list of transfer equivalencies?

  • Transcript evaluations are processed at District Office. Official transcripts must be sent directly from the previous school's Records Office to:
    Evaluations Office
    Office of Enrollment Services
    Oakland Community College
    2480 Opdyke Road
    Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304-2266
  • To send a transcript to another school, the student must complete a Transcript Request form located near the Business Office (Cashier's window) then pay $2 per copy.
    • Transcript requests can be mailed to District Office, to the attention of the Registrar’s Office, Oakland Community College, 2480 Opdyke Rd., Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304-2266 with a check. Transcripts are $2 per copy.
  • Transfer equivalencies of many Michigan Colleges can be found at the MACRAO.org website.

How long does it take for classes from another institution to post to my record?

Once we received your transcript from another institution at our district office, in state school evaluations are running up to 8 weeks.

How do I know if I'm close to graduation?

We recommend that you meet with a counselor frequently to stay on track with courses needed for degree completion. You can meet with a counselor as often as needed for a graduation audit. Students are also encouraged to keep track themselves using their program outline from the catalog.

Will I receive a checklist that tells me what courses to take for my degree?

When the student declares a program, they can meet with a counselor to review the courses required for that degree. Additionally, they can download the program declared from our online catalog and follow along with classes required. Be sure to also include general education requirements as well.

How/When do I apply for graduation? Does it cost? When will I receive my diploma?

  • To apply for graduation at OCC, you need to meet in person with a counselor at any campus by an appointment to complete an application for graduation. This needs to be done early in the semester in which you intend to complete your degree.
  • Students should work with a counselor regularly, and the counselor will work with the student to determine the appropriate time to apply for graduation audit.
  • Graduation costs are: As of Fall 2014, we no longer charge fees to apply for degrees or certificates.
  • After a degree or certificate is posted for a student, it will appear on his/her official transcript and online transcript.
  • Graduation ceremony is usually held the Friday or Saturday before Memorial Day weekend. The diploma mailing schedule may be viewed on the Commencement website at www.oaklandcc.edu/commencement.

I’m on Academic Warning/Intervention/Suspension. What do I do? What does AW or AI mean?

  • Students on Academic Warning are encouraged to see a counselor prior to registering.
  • Academic Intervention/Suspension requires an appointment with a counselor to discuss status and recommendations.
  • AW and AI are part of the Academic Sanctions process at OCC. Upon the first semester of the student GPA falling below a 2.0, the College will issue an Academic Warning (AW) to the student advising that greater care should be exercised to prevent a recurrence. In the event that this condition continues for a second consecutive semester, the student will be issued another Academic Warning if the cumulative GPA is above 2.0. However, if that following consecutive semester's semester GPA continues below 2.0 and the cumulative GPA is now also below 2.0, the student will be placed on Academic Intervention (AI). The student on Academic Intervention will be required to meet with a counselor and may then be asked to limit the total number of hours carried during the semester. The counselor may also ask that the student observe other restrictions appropriate to his or her academic profile. If the student's semester GPA is found to be below 2.0 for a third consecutive semester, the College will review that student's academic record. If this review reveals that the cumulative GPA is above 2.0, the student will be continued on Academic Intervention status with any restrictions deemed appropriate by a college counselor. https://www.oaklandcc.edu/Catalog/CourseGradingPolicies/GradingSystem.aspx

Who do I speak with about an instructor?

OCC's process begins with speaking to the instructor first to resolve the issue or concern. If at this level the concern is not resolved, then you will want to speak with that discipline’s Department Chair. If it is not resolved at this point, a Student Concern Form should be completed and then the concern would be escalated to the campus dean or campus academic manager. Faculty secretaries or counseling can provide specific contact people if needed.

What is the waitlist for the allied health programs?

You would want to contact the health science department to find out what the current wait period is for the Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Radiologic Technology, and Surgical Technology programs.

I think I have financial aid, but I’m not sure. How do I know?

You will want to speak with any campus' student financial services department. Counselors do not have access to any financial aid records. A link to financial aid is below: https://www.oaklandcc.edu/FinAid