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Save the date November 6, 2015 DMA conference at OCC - AH
      “The Skilled Worker Shortage in Michigan”

During a recent visit to Macomb Community College, President Obama said that workers must get skills to compete and warned it’s not enough to be strong and want to work. He stressed the need for college, apprenticeships or other training beyond high school. Additionally, Labor Secretary Tom Perez said in an interview that the administration wants to boost apprenticeships — especially among women and minorities who haven’t always sought out such programs.

To see what opportunities exist in the area of apprenticeships, please plan to attend the DMA fall conference at OCC-AH campus in conference room G240 entitled: “The Skilled Worker Shortage in Michigan”.



- September 3: Administrative Committee
meeting in T6
- November 6: Fall Conference at OCC-AH
- November 19:  DMA Administrative Committee Meeting


- January 21: Administrative Committee meeting
in T6

- March 10: Administrative Committee meeting in T6
- May 4: Spring conference at Macomb

- May 19: Administrative Committee meeting in T6












Keith Deyer

Keith Deyer
Executive Director