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Inter OPS Video Network LogoThe primary goal of the Combined Regional Emergency Services Training (CREST) Center video conferencing project is to make available a training technology solution that provides immediate and complete interactivity of public and private organizations, allow public safety personnel to share ideas and learn from each other as well as to increase the interoperability and resource sharing of separate agencies.

Distance learning is often associated with on-line, web-based programs that do not provide the necessary interaction needed for instructors and students to ask questions and receive answers immediately.  Through our state of the art technology and participation in the Inter Ops Video Network, we offer a solution to bring training to the next level which allows for personnel to remain at their own training or conference facility.  With the ability of presenting and responding in "real time", this equipment facilitates interoperability with educational institutions, municipal agencies, private providers, hospitals, Emergency Operations Centers or any organization with the video conferencing capabilities.

For general information regarding video conferencing please contact our project partner and network facilitator the National Communications Corporation.  For information about the Mobile Video Unit that can be utilized  by your organization to access the Inter Ops Video Network that CREST participates in please contact Rob Ginther.

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