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Renewable Energies and Sustainable Living

Short Videos on Renewable Energies, Green Careers, and What Everyone Can Do for a Cleaner Energy Future

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Alternate Energy Education at OCC

OCC’s alternate energies classes focus on harnessing energy from renewable sources – sun, wind, water, underground (geothermal) heat and growing plants – in order to have a sustainable environment that will meet our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. Energy management, energy efficiency and energy conservation are all covered

The college offers a Certificate of Achievement and a Certificate in Renewable Energies and Sustainable Living. Some students get a certificate or a degree an some just take one or more classes. In addition, the Environmental Systems Technology Program has four options to meet students needs, including a customized option for students with previous background. The options cover the following areas:

  • Heating, cooling and refrigeration technicians.
  • Facilities management.
  • Green building, renewable energies, and energy management.