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Contributed Scholarships Currently Available



Fall 2015 Foundation Scholarships have been awarded.  Letters have been mailed to potential recipients. 


EXPRESS YOUR GRATITUDE!  If you are selected to receive a Foundation Scholarship, you will be required to write a thank-you letter to the donor of the scholarship in order to receive the award.  Letters to potential scholarship recipients will be mailed shortly after the committee has made its selections.  Foundation Scholarships will be awarded after thank-you letters have been received.


click here for:  Foundation Scholarship Application





Scholarship Name: 

Award Amount:  $

  • MUST have completed a  minimum of 12 credit hours at Oakland Community College.

  • MUST have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5.

  • MUST demonstrate financial need.  Applicants must have a completed financial aid file.

  • Recipient MUST send a thank-you note to the donor.

  • Preference given to single heads of household.

Application Deadline: 

Number of Scholarships available:       1   

Credit hour enrollment required:    Full-time - 12 credit hours or more

                                                              Part-time - 6-11 credit hours 




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