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Foundation Scholarships
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Many scholarships are awarded to OCC students from contributions made to the college from public and private donations.  You can apply for these scholarships if your academic performance at OCC meets the scholarship's criteria.  These scholarships are posted on the web and at the campuses periodically during the year.

Non-Institutional Scholarships

These scholarships are sponsored by a variety of organizations. A limited number of applications are sent along with the scholarship posting. Students must follow instructions and meet applications deadlines according to the scholarship profiles. OCC does not assist in the development of the scholarship criteria nor participate in the screening and/or selection of the scholarship recipient(s) except as prescribed by the scholarship sponsors. OCC does not approve/disapprove/endorse the scholarship organizations and provides the scholarship information as a public service.

Athletic Grants/Scholarships

OCC money offered to students for their active participation in the OCC athletic programs.  Money does not need to be repaid.

Tax Credits, Hope Scholarship and Lifetime Learning Tax Credit

Tax Credits can decrease the amount of money you owe for taxes or increase the amount of your tax return. Exact award amounts will vary. Consult with your tax advisor regarding eligibility requirements.

Technically a tax credit, the Hope Scholarship allows eligible students pursuing the first two years of postsecondary education to receive tax credits for tuition and fees. If you are not eligible for the Hope Scholarship or if you have already attended your first two years of postsecondary education, you may be eligible for the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit.  

Chancellor's Scholarship

An OCC Chancellor's Scholarship is available to each public/private high school and adult/alternative education center in Oakland County. The $2,500 scholarship covers full tuition and fees for the first year only.   Applications are available from high schools and the adult/alternative education centers starting in November of each year.  Recipients are announced in March.
Download Chancellor's Scholarship - High School Application in PDF format.
Download Chancellor's Scholarship - Adult/Alternative Education Application in PDF format.

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