Oakland Community College
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1. OCC Programs

A. Five Associate Degrees

The following degree programs provide transferable credits for students who might want to finish a four-year degree:

  • gradsAssociate in Applied Science (AAS)
    PREPARES STUDENT: for a wide range of jobs in health, human services, business and technology. (It is recommended that a student discuss possible transfer options with a counselor if they intend to continue at a four-year college.)
  • Associate in Business Administration (BUS.ABA)
    PROVIDES STUDENTS: with a solid foundation in business fundamentals, including accounting, economics and math.
  • Associate in Liberal Arts (ALA.ALA)
    OFFERS STUDENTS: concentration in fine arts/visual, pre-international commerce, and pre-education.
  • Associate in Science (ASC.ASC)
    PROVIDES STUDENTS: with a strong foundation in math, physics, chemistry and environmental sciences for students who plan to continue toward degrees in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and pre-engineering.

Not sure what you want to study? Then the following degree program might offer the flexibility you want:

Associate in General Studies (GEN.AGS)
OFFERS STUDENTS: a flexible program if they are unsure of a major - or who wish to explore a wide variety of individual interests. (Note: This program is NOT designed for students who wish to transfer their credits to a four-year degree program.)

B. 60+ Certificate Programs

OCC offers over 60 certificate programs:

  • Regular Certificates - Certificate programs are shorter than degree programs, usually about 30 to 45 credit hours for the regular certificate programs.  Certificate programs have a designation ending in ".CT" for a regular certificate. Example: The general accounting certificate is ACC.GA.CT
  • Certificates of Achievement  - Certificate of Achievement programs are shorter yet, some requiring only 10 credit hours. They have the designation of ".CA" for a certificate of achievement. Example: The certificate of achievement for computer aided design (architectural applications) is CAD.ARC.CA.
  • Accelerated Certificate Programs - An accelerated or expedited certificate program is one where the learner completes the skill sets necessary to enter employment in a shorter or condensed time period from that of the traditional course. These programs can be completed in under 45 weeks and will provide successful Certificate completers with marketable skills for employment. The approximate costs of training range between $765 and $2,500.

C. Find List of A-Z Programs Online

View the online catalog to see a current alphabetical list of degree and certificate programs.
You can also view course descriptions by discipline in the online catalog.

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