Oakland Community College
Online Orientation

2. Enrolling at OCC

A. OCC's Open Enrollment Policy

Oakland Community College has an "open door" admissions policy. This means that the college doesn’t require a minimum grade point, SAT or ACT test score.

You will be admitted to OCC if:

  • You are a high school graduate at the time of registration, or
  • A recipient of a G.E.D., or
  • You are 18 years of age or older and your high school class has graduated, or
  • You are a current high school student and have the permission of your high school principal.

That doesn’t mean that the work will be easy. The college transfer courses use the same textbooks as the universities in the state and technical programs must meet high industry standards.

B. Placement Testing: The COMPASS Test

All new students whose native language is English must take the COMPASS (COMputer-adaptive Placement Assessment and Support System) test or provide official ACT scores to a counselor for placement purposes.

Oakland Community College offers computer-based assessment for English and Mathematics. COMPASS Assessment is only one component in a comprehensive new student orientation program designed to also provide appropriate academic advisement and course placement. This will help to ensure that entry-level OCC students will have maximum opportunities to achieve their educational goals and to allow the institution to best identify student abilities, interests, and needs. New student orientation sessions are presented regularly throughout each semester.

To find out more, visit the college web pages regarding placement testing.
Visit the COMPASS site for sample questions.

C. Prerequisites

Prerequisites will affect a student's ability to enroll or remain registered in a class. Course prerequisites are listed in the current OCC catalog. Prerequisite information is also available via the Search for Sections at Online Services. Excluding ESL courses and restricted program courses, students are exempt from prerequisites if they:

  • Have earned a bachelor degree or higher from a U.S. institution, or equivalent.
  • Admitted to OCC under a guest application from another college (NOTE: High school guest students are NOT exempt.)
  • Have an official transcript submitted showing achievement of a grade of “C” or higher in an equivalent college-level course

Question Check-Your-Knowledge Question:

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