Oakland Community College
Online Orientation

9. Getting Information

To provide assistance and accurate answers to all your questions, the college has created several off-campus and on-campus methods. You can also find most of your answers on the college website.

A. Telephone System

The telephone system is organized so that you can make a local call from home or work. To accomplish this we have seven main numbers accessible by clicking the Campus Directory. Each number allows you to make a local call from a region of the county. By calling these numbers, you will be connected to a college information operator who will answer your questions, or direct you to the person who can.

B. Campus Welcome Centers

In addition to the telephone operators, the following campuses have a Welcome (Information) Center where you can get general college information, or specific information about the campuses. These are strategically located on each campus:

C. Student Publications

"There are two publications that are very useful to keep handy for the information you will need during your OCC career. They are offered online and in printed versions, which are free of charge:

OCC Catalog: The catalog is a once-a-year publication that lists programs, course descriptions, financial info, and student rights and responsibilities. (Catalogs are found in enrollment offices.)

Schedule of Classes: The schedule comes out three times a year (Spring/Summer, Fall, Winter) and lists every class being taught during that time period. Schedules are found in enrollment offices. Regarding Printed Schedules: After registration begins each semester, students are encouraged to refer to the ONLINE schedule ("search for section" option on Online Services page) for the most up-to-date information. Sections are dropped or added during registration to reflect registration activity; therefore, the printed schedule is no longer up-to-date.  The online schedule always reflects the latest changes.

Question Check-Your-Knowledge Question:

What OCC student publication is just printed once a year? CLICK TO REVEAL ANSWER