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School Year

Most classes are arranged into 2 fifteen week (Fall and Winter) and 2 seven and a half week semesters (Summer I and Summer II). In a given semester students may register for between 1 and 18 credit hours. The normal load for a full time student in the fall or winter is about 12 credit hours or 4 courses. In the summer 1 and 2 semesters the credit hour load is typically cut in half. Students who work or have other obligations often elect to take fewer credit hours. Day classes typically meet two days per week while night classes meet one night per week. A three credit hour class would meet for three hours per week in a 15 week semester and 6 hours per week in a 7.5 week semester. Lab classes will meet more than the normal hours per week.


Semester Approximate Dates
Fall 8/27 to 12/23
Winter 1/3 to 5/1
Summer I 5/1 to 6/24
Summer II 6/29 to 8/24


Registration for classes normally takes place for several weeks prior to the beginning of the semester and can be accomplished on the college web site (Web Registration) or by touch tone telephone (Touch*Tone).