Oakland Community College
Highland Lakes Campus

Frequently Asked Questions

Enrollment Issues

How do I get placed into the proper English course?

Placement depends on the results of your OCC placement test and your previous academic background. Specific information is available from the Enrollment Services Office (248-942-3100).  You should also make an appointment with an OCC counselor to discuss these procedures (248-942-3050).   

How can I find out who "staff" is?

The department secretary (248-942-3232) can tell you the name of the instructor teaching a particular section, if this information is available.  

How do I withdraw from a class?

You can withdraw from a class by going to the Enrollment Services Office.  The final date for student-initiated withdrawals is listed in the course schedule (usually it is around the twelfth week). 

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Course Issues

How can I get a syllabus for a course before registering?

Some instructors may have their syllabi posted on the web.  To find out if a syllabus is available for a course you are considering, go to the English Department home page, click on “Full Time Faculty” and then click on the instructor’s name.  If the instructor has a web page, the name will be a live link.   You might also try contacting the instructor using the email address option available on that same page. 

Is tutoring available?

Tutoring is available in the IIC in Woodland Hall 20.  You can get a schedule by stopping by or calling 248-942.3035.  It is a good idea to make an appointment whenever possible.

Are there computers on campus I can use to help me prepare course work?

Computers are available in the Open Computer Lab in High Oaks Hall.  You can get the current semester’s lab hours by calling 248-942-3166.

Does the college have an attendance policy?

Students are expected to attend all classes. In addition, each instructor has his or her own attendance policy listed on the course syllabus. 

How will I know class is cancelled due to weather?

Find out first by signing up for the Emergency Alert System.  In addition, College closings will be posted on the college’s website, social media sites and your local television news channels (2,4,7).  Information is also available on radio stations WWJ 760 AM or WJR 950 AM. 

How can I find out when a specific course will be offered?

Contact the English Department secretary (248-942-3232), who will have some information about upcoming courses.

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Contact Information

How can I contact the chair of the English department?

You may reach the English department chair by phoning the department secretary at 248-942-3232.

How can I get a message to my teacher?

The best way to reach your instructor is to follow the directions for doing so listed in your course syllabus.  If your instructor has voicemail or email access, you can find it by going to the “Full Time Faculty” or “Adjunct Faculty” pages listed the English department Home Page.

What is the number for the English Department Office?

The English Department Office is located in room WH 352 of Woodland Hall and the phone number is 248-942-3232.

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Online Course Information

What do I have to know, or be able to do, in order to take an online course?

To learn more about what is involved in taking an online course, visit OCC's distance learning site.  There you can find a step-by-step process for getting started and even take a quiz to see if you are a good match this for type of learning.  To find out about the requirements of a specific course, contact the instructor using the email address provided in the course schedule. For general information about Highland Lakes online English courses, contact Joseph Helminski at jjhelmin@oaklandcc.edu.

Will my online course have regular campus meetings?

The answer to this varies by course.  Contact the instructor listed in the course schedule for more information. 

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