Oakland Community College
at Highland Lakes Campus

Chemistry Proficiency Test

The Chemistry Proficiency Test (CPT) has been designed to give students information about their level of readiness to take General Chemistry I, CHE 1510, at Highland Lakes Campus. The test is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended for those students who are considering enrolling into CHE 1510, and have not had high school chemistry or have been out of school for some time. The CPT consists of forty multiple-choice questions. The test is divided into two parts: Part I - General Mathematics, and Part II - General Chemical Knowledge. The Periodic Table of the Elements and calculator are provided for you. Look for the buttons on the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions about the CPT offered for chemistry students at Highland Lakes Campus

1. What is the purpose of the CPT?
The purpose of the Chemistry Proficiency Test is to assess the student's level of preparation for General Chemistry I, CHE 1510.
2. Can anyone take the test?
Before you can take the test, you must complete an OCC application and receive a student ID number. You will need the ID number to logon to take the test.
3. Who should take the CPT?
All students (regardless of prior preparation) who are planning to enroll in CHE 1510 should take the test.
4. When can I take the test?
After receiving your student ID number, you can take the CPT online at anytime.
5. How many times can a student take the test?
You can take the test only once. It is advisable to take the test before you enroll in CHE 1510.
6. What is the recommended score for registration in CHE 1510?
In order to be fully prepared to take CHE 1510, a score of at least 21 out of 40 questions is recommended.