Oakland Community College

Dental Hygiene

If you like helping people, enjoy working with your hands as well as your mind, and are interested in helping to prevent disease while assisting patients to maintain their oral health, a career as a dental hygienist may be for you.

Dental hygienists are important members of the dental health care team who work with dentists in the delivery of dental care to patients. Hygienists use their knowledge and clinical skills to provide dental hygiene care for patients. They use their interpersonal skills to motivate and instruct patients on methods to prevent oral disease and to maintain oral health.

Dental hygiene offers women and men of all ages, races and ethnic backgrounds exceptional career opportunities. A minimum of two years of college education that combines classroom and clinical coursework is necessary to become a dental hygienist. This education prepares graduates to provide care to patients in dental offices, clinics and educational or health care institutions. Studying in an accredited program provides education that is based on the latest procedures and techniques. - American Dental Hygiene Association
Dental Patient

This site and the College Catalog are the only official sources of information pertaining to the Dental Hygiene Selection Procedures. They apply only to those students who wish to enter the first Dental Hygiene courses. All students seeking information about the Dental Hygiene program should contact a counselor at the Highland Lakes Campus. You may also download a PDF file of the Student Brochure for Prospective Dental Hygiene Candidates.

Selection will be based on the grade point average of the 10 pre-requisite courses. All requirements and procedures for admission (outlined in the Student Brochure and the information sessions) must be completed by no later than December 15th of the year preceding intended enrollment into the dental hygiene program