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Diagnostic Medical Sonography

New Diagnostic Medical Sonography Lab
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Lab

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program leads to an Associate in Applied Science Degree and is designated as an Extended Degree Program, in that students must complete a minimum of 73 or more required credit hours. The program prepares selected individuals through theory and clinical experiences to practice as a Sonographer in a variety of health care settings. Successful completion of the program requirements qualifies the graduate to apply to write the national credential examination offered by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers. Satisfactory achievement on this examination qualifies the graduate to practice as a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, RDMS.

What is a Sonographer?

A Sonographer is a healthcare professional who uses sophisticated equipment that produce high frequency sound waves to create images of internal organs.

Characteristics needed by students for success in the program

  • Strong Communication Skills: Sonographers must be proficient in communication (verbal and written). It is strongly recommended that students who use English as a second language meet with a counselor to discuss communication courses and details of the MTELP exam.
  • Maturity: Students in this program will be exposed clinically to critically ill patients and urgent situations in which they must remain calm, respect a patient's privacy and show a degree of tact and empathy.
  • Adult Learning Style: Each student must be capable of being a self-starter regarding their educational process. Students must be prepared to complete assignments in a timely manner, complete assigned reading, ask for assistance for clarification as needed, and show self-direction and active participation in the educational process. Decision-making and individual research abilities are required for all students.
  • Dedication: Due to the highly technical and fast-paced nature of this program, it is essential that students be highly motivated to complete the requirements of the program, and seek to obtain the best education possible. In most cases, this requires some sacrifice of comfortable family/personal leisure time activities and social activities.
  • Good Physical Health and Stamina: The time demands of the program require that a student have adequate stamina. Sonographers must be able to:
    • routinely lift and move patients and equipment
    • have full use of both hands
    • distinguish audible sounds
    • work standing on their feet 80% of the time
    • adequately view sonograms, including color distinctions

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