Oakland Community College

Selection Process

Waiting list information

The wait list changes from year to year depending upon the number of applicants completing prerequisites. As of Winter 2015, there is at least a 3 year wait for entry into the professional component, which begins in May. The wait begins after all prerequisites have been completed. The list is compiled after interviews take place January and February.

Selection Process for the Professional Component

Each year 18 students are accepted into the professional component of the Sonography Program. This segment begins in May and continues through August of the following year. In addition, this component requires full time participation. There are NO provisions for part-time student status. Students who wish to be considered for acceptance into the professional component for a specific year must complete all prerequisite courses by the end of the Winter semester of that year. Once all completion requirements are confirmed students are ranked in order based upon the following factors:

  1. Date of completion of all supportive and general education requirements as listed in the college catalog.
  2. The date "DMS" was formally declared as the designated curriculum choice.
  3. *Grade Point Average (GPA) *The GPA is used when the date of declaration between two or more students has been declared during the same period of time.

Other Pertinent Information

Students interested in this program must be aware of the following pertinent information regarding the professional component portion:

  1. This is an accelerated program designed for students with strong math and science backgrounds. All sonography (DMS) course work is completed within sixteen months at a rapid pace.
  2. Courses are full-time, with 40 hours per week of mandatory commitment to school related activities (didactic and clinical).
  3. Extensive study time will be needed in addition to scheduled clinical practice and didactic/laboratory studies. Most students indicate that they spend an average of 15-20 additional hours per week, minimum, preparing reading assignments, etc.
  4. Supervised clinical practice between 3-5 days per week (depending on the semester) is required.

For more detailed information on prerequisites or admission procedures please see the College Catalog. For clinical assignments please click on the link.