Oakland Community College

Admission and Selection

Procedures for Admission to the Program

  • First, follow the regular procedures for admission to Oakland Community College, including COMPASS testing.
  • Designate HPT as your curriculum.
  • Proceed to take the required prerequisite courses as listed in the college catalog.
  • Have transcripts of course work from other colleges or universities sent to the OCC Office of Admissions (Oakland Community College, Transcript Evaluation, 2480 Opdyke Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48013) and have all credits specifically evaluated for the Hospital Pharmacy Technology Program
  • Complete all prerequisite courses by the end of the summer session of the year in which you are seeking admission to the HPT program.
  • Have all college records on file at the Royal Oak/Southfield Campus Records Office by June 1 of the year you are seeking admission to the HPT program.


Each May, the HPT Program Coordinator will request a master computer list containing the transcripts of all persons declaring HPT as their curriculum. (NOTE: if you do not have HPT listed as your curriculum, you will not be on the master list.)

Students who have the prerequisites complete or will have them completed by the end of the summer term of that year, will be notified to come in for a personal interview.

Student selection into the HPT program is based on the following:

  • Completion of all required prerequisite courses.
  • Date HPT was declared as curriculum choice.
  • Grade point average.

Students selected for Hospital Pharmacy Technology will be notified prior to August 1st each year. Please note that admission to OCC does not automatically guarantee admission into the HPT program.